Beautifying Water


Hungarian spa hotels offer cosmetic and beauty treatments of the highest quality, combining the beneficial effects of healing thermal water, professional know-how and the latest treatment trends. 

Beautifying Water

So what treatments can you expect at your hotel? Usually, beauty packages offer stress-relieving facial and neck massages, iontophoresis treatments (a technique using a small electric charge to deliver a medicine through the skin), cleansing and refreshing scrubs, healing mud packs of Hévíz, mani-pedi and massages from Swedish to Shin Tai. Should you require more than just pampering, microdermbrasion (powerful exfoliation), ultrasound treatment, muscle stimulating Celluloderm 2000 treatments (works against cellulite and excess fat, and stimulates the lymphatic system), vacustyling (for a healthier and fitter body) are also available.

A number of successful beauty products and treatments, combining the latest innovations and natural active ingredients, originate from Hungary. Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs put the philosophy that nature has a solution for every skin problem to practice; the Szentkirályi range gives you the chance to nurture your skin with Hungarian mineral water both inside and out; the fragrance and colorants-free Kaviczky products treat your skin to the healing magic of the peat of Lake Hévíz; and the luxurious Omorovicza products, employing the waters of the international spa city, Budapest, feel like a pampering spa treatment locked in a bottle.


Let your inner beauty shine through, and we take care of the rest!

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