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Perfect Hungarian dishes


5 Hungarian Foods The Whole World Should Know And Love

Try and taste these special foods from Hungary. Hungarian people has several perfect dishes that should be known around the world.

Perfect Hungarian foods



Lángos (fried dough)

Fried Dough

What it is: A plate-sized sheet of fried dough that is usually smothered with sour cream and cheese. Other possible toppings include garlic sauce or ketchup.
Why it’s awesome: Did you miss the part where I wrote “fried dough”?!

Gulyás (goulash)

Goulash soup Hungary

What it is: Known to most as “goulash,” this popular soup is a Hungarian original. Perfect for Birthday meals. It contains chunks of beef, potatoes, and vegetables, plus plenty of paprika and spices. 
Why it’s awesome: Originally made by cattle herdsman, gulyás is pure comfort food: hearty, homey, and hot.



Gesztenyepüré (chestnut purée)

chestnut purée

What it is: A purée of chestnuts, sugar, and rum, usually served with whipped cream. 

Why it’s awesome: This sweet, creamy dessert proves that chestnuts are for much more than just roasting.

Kürtőskalács (chimney cake)

Chimney cake

What it is: A Transylvanian sweet spiral pull-apart bread that is baked rotisserie-style outdoors over charcoal. 
Why it’s awesome: Often rolled in cinammon, sugar, cocoa, nuts, or coconut flakes, chimney cake is hot, fresh, sweet deliciousness. It’s the only type of downward spiral you’d never want to end.


Rétes (Hungarian strudel)

Hungarian strudel

What it is: A strudel-like log of pastry, stuffed to the max with fillings such as apple, cherry, or poppyseed and topped with powdered sugar. 
Why it’s awesome: There’s no skimping on ingredients here. One thick slice of good rétes and a cup of Hungarian coffee and you’re set for at least an afternoon.



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