Budapest, as you've never seen before


It has been discussed in many articles how wonderful the city of Budapest is. Now, we are showing you a video, which, over a period of slight 5 minutes, will pass on all the life feelings that we Hungarians feel towards our capital city, and what we tried to pass on to you by all the articles, this video does it without words. Several times shiver ran through me when I watched this. Please take this short time to watch it, believe me it is worth it!


A fantastic video about Budapest
The video presents Budapest, as you've never seen before or rather,  as we see it every day or even many times ,  just do not notice because our life is too busy to notice its beauty.

" The picture recorded video "

The best ever timelapse video about Budapest. About Timelapse all you should know that this is a photographic technique in which consecutive frames are recorded  in specific intervals. More than 50,000 images were put together by hundreds of arduous work in the video, which shows the pulsating city combined with soft lulling music.
If someone has sacrificed hundreds of hours  to create this video, it deserves 5 minutes of your time to see it!
But instead of words let  these amazing images and alloys talk :

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Ha tetszett ez a cikk, oszd meg ismerőseiddel, kattints ide:


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