Budapest Palinka Festival 2014


The Budapest Palinka Festival will be held this year from May 15 to 18, 2014 in a new site, in the City Hall Park. 2014 is the Year of the Pear! The pear palinka of the year has just been finished, which, according to tradition, can be tasted first in the Budapest Palinka Festival.

Budapest Palinka Festival 2014

The Spring Festival again in the heart of the city

This spring the Palinka Festival will bring the atmosphere into the city center, between 15 to 18 May. because once again the event will open its doors in the City Hall Park. In the festival, moving to an old-new site, a record number of nearly thirty exhibitors will be participating this time, offering the best domestic spirits. One specialty of the festival will be the common blend of Hungary's brandy distilleries, the Pear Palinka of the Year.

The city center of Budapest will be exhilarated by the Palinka Festival in 2014. The event, moving back to its original site this year, will be held for the ninth time , and more than ever, a total of twenty-nine exhibitors will be waiting for palinka lovers. In addition to the most famous, known to all distilleries new exhibitors will be introduced to the public.



During the four-day event this year - replacing the previous coupon and card payment system in place - visitors will be able to pay with cash. The price of tickets will continue to be HUF 2,000, which includes two palinka coupons: one of them can be used to taste the pear palinka of the year while we may taste a palinka by any other distillery using the other one.

After the plums, peaches and cherries this year the pear will be the focus of the festival. This fruit inspired the fourth member of the Palinka of the Year series, which the visitors may see and taste for the first time in the festival. The common blend of the Hungarian distilleries this year will be produced in a limited series as only 1500 bottles will be made altogether.


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