Caravaggio to Canaletto Exhibition

The Caravaggio to Canaletto exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, is a treat for lovers of fine art. Even the British Telegraph Newspaper has written a glowing review of this rare opportunity. We think Its even more accessible through the great Budapest Winter Invitation offer! 

Caravaggio to Canaletto Exhibition

Cultural program in Budapest

As part of the Budapest Winter Invitation promotion, there has never been a better time to enjoy a break or long weekend with a cultural theme! Here we look at just one of the fantastic attractions occurring in Budapest this Winter, for a limited time only:!
"Caravaggio to Canaletto" is an art exhibition at the Fine Arts Museum (easy to reach and convenient for connecting with other sights such as Heroes' Square, just a few metres away). This rare collection of paintings forms an amazing journey through the world of Baroque and Rococo Italian painting, illustrated by 140 great paintings from a hundred masters. The highlight is a total of nine canvasses by Caravaggio himself. An earlier exhibition in 2009-2010, entitled Botticelli to Titian, detailed the preceding period in art history, and was wildly successful. The present offering is already attracting attention; the British Telegraph newspaper published a very favourable review recently, and tickets are selling fast.
With the help of the generous offer of the Budapest Winter Invitation, you can reduce your accommodation costs, thus putting within your grasp a world of cultural and entertainment options like these!
 (Photo courtesy of the Budapest Fine Arts Muesum)

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