For us it sounds the best in Hungarian


The animated film Ice Magic has recently been completed, and the theme song has been circulating on the Internet in all languages for months. We have listened to it in all languages and it is very beautiful, but we think the song is the most beautiful in Hungarian. But decide for yourself!

For us it sounds the best in Hungarian

All good, but no place like home - holds the Hungarian proverb. How true! For us, Hungarians, Hungary is the home and perhaps not surprising to say that the Hungarian language is the most beautiful for us. The Ice Magic Let It Go soundtrack sounds the best for us in Hungarian language. We show you the video, a version with several languages after another. Watch the video and decide in which language you liked the song and write us in a comment! I still hold my opinion, that it is the most beautiful in Hungarian, but I'm also curious what you think about it!

Here's the video:


Ha tetszett ez a cikk, oszd meg ismerőseiddel, kattints ide:


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