Hungary is the country of healing waters! Under 80 % of Hungary's territory can be found thermal or mineral water. What we use the healing water? Read our article!

Healing water


Hungary is the country of healing waters ! Under 80 % of Hungary's territory can be found thermal or mineral water.

Healing water


Hungary is the 5th in the world in terms of thermal water location after Japan , Iceland , Italy, France .

Another advantage is that while Japan and Iceland, high temperature , but low mineral content , Italy and France, the high mineral content , but mostly much lower temperature water can be found , while in Hungary the waters are of high mineral content and of high temperatures at the same time .Budapest is the world's only large city where there are more than a hundred thermal springs and wells . Medicinal waters in Budapest are a unique wealth of the world . From the spas of Budapest, the Széchenyi Spa II is the hottest, 1,257 m deep well (77 ° C).


The natural waters are used in Hungary in many forms :


Healing water

As domestic consumption it can be used as mineral water ( only a few to mention : Kékkúti or Szentkirályi, but the list could go on at length ) , or it is available as a cure in mineral water spas and drinking halls. It is good to know what they are good for as due to different mineral combination the medicinal effects may be different.

Healing water

Next to Europe's largest freshwater lake the world 's largest natural thermal lake can be found, the healing lake in Hévíz. Its temperature is the result of the cracking hot and cold water mixing . The temperature is around 24-36 ° C depending on the season . The lake is worth a dip for not only seniors , but young people as well. Across the country , more than 1,000 water sources feed the spas , wellness baths, thermal hotels and thermal pools , which have specific therapeutic effects , and are indicated for the treatment of various diseases . It is worth to visit them for healing without side effects!

Healing water

Healing Waters form the basis of spa treatments

Healing water

As a drinking cure a they are beneficial in a number of diseases when consumed.

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