Hungary has plenty of palaces and castles that are now hotels that will make your stay unique or your weekend romantic. Most are situated away from the capital, but their countryside locations add to their charms.

Hungarian Castle Hotels

Pintér Dalma

On the present territory of Hungary some 4500 castles and mansions still can be found though many of them were destroyed the World War II and the following post- war period. Nevertheless, several of the buildings still existing had the luck to be restored and changed into hotels. We would like to introduce some of these castles. In our days these castle hotels are real gems of the traditional Hungarian hospitality. 

Castle Hotel in Hungary

Let's see the Hungarian castle hotels!! 

Castle Hotel in Hungary

Set in the wine region of Szekszárd, Hungary, Apponyi Castle Hotel specializes in good food, well-stocked wine cellars, and spa treatments. This baroque estate features 27 castle rooms and additional rooms in a more modern building upon the castle grounds.


Castle Hotel in Hungary
Kastely Hotel Szirak stands on the location of a medieval hospital. The grounds are ideal for weddings or other celebrations. In addition to tennis, massage, and horseback ridings, guests may also enjoy wine tasting, a visit to a traditional farm, classical concerts or concerts featuring local music, and folklore presentations. The castle hotel also holds exhibitions of local artists.


Castle Hotel in Hungary

In 2003, Szidonia was named one of the most beautiful European castle hotels. Guests stay in one of three buildings: the main building, the country house, or the hunting lodge. Exeedingly accomodating, Szidonia Castle Hotel staff can plan your wedding, arrange tours, or suggest a wellness package for destressing and detoxification. Take home with you a bottle of specially bottled wine or the Szidonia signature health drink.


Castle Hotel in Hungary
This hotel boasts that it is the "first five-star hotel in Hungary." Three wings of this Hungarian castle hotel (Renaissance Wing, Romantique Wing, and Rendez-vous Wing) are decorated according to specific themes. The spa is accessed by the underground passageways. Honeymoon offers are available, as well as wedding planning. This hotel also provides ground-floor handicap accessibility.


Castle Hotel in Hungary

Nestled in the Bukk Mountains, Hotel Palota makes its home in a fairly new (as castles go) building. Under construction between the years 1927 and 1930, the neo-renaissance style castle hotel is about 2 hours by car from Budapest. Three restaurants and two bars, as well as fitness center and spa, make guests' stay at Hotel Palota comfortable.


Castle Hotel in Hungary

Grof Degenfeld Castle Hotel is a four-star class act in Tarcal, Hungary for anyone who loves wine and the countryside. As part of the Grof Degenfeld Winery, the hotel offers wine tasting and tours that will acquaint guests with the Tokaj-Hegyalja wine region.


Castle Hotel in Hungary

Located in the small village of Tiszarroff, this Castle Hotel consists of 4 buildings: the main castle building, Grange Halls 1 and 2, a bath house, and a beer pavillion. Suites are in the main castle building, but guests can also stay in the two Grand Halls. The second Grange Hall contains a restaurant and game room.


Castle Hotel in Hungary
This 18th century Hungarian Castle Hotel is situated within reasonable traveling distance from Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest. It contains original decor, including Baroque frescoes and a chapel original to the castle. Guests can enjoy music concerts every second Friday of the month, wine tasting, and carriage rides.


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