Hungary in the press


From time to time, Hungary is mentioned in the press and online. Here's our ongoing list of links to web articles about Hungary: Latest addition: Rough Guides readers voted Budapest one of the top cities to visit in 2014! 

Hungary in the press



Hungary in the press

Rough Guides (2014.02.03)

It's  always a special award when it comes from reader's votes; here Budapest was voted Top City to visit in 2014 (along with Berlin, Tallinn, Rome and Valparaiso in Chile.) It was specially recommended for its hip cafés and bars and the impressive downtown area. The images captured here are also top class!

Hungary in the press

El Economista Magazine (2014.01.08)

Literally the top 5 most impressive swimming pools in the world, this is an article by the leading Spanish magazine El Economista, (the Economist) which puts the Gellért baths in herit top 5, heaping praise upon the chemical makeup of the thermal waters, as well as the building itself, which is deemed a landmark of the city.

Hungary in the press

January 2014

A recent edition of the American travel Magazine Magazine featured has featured a 2-page-spread of the Budapest Gellert Hotel as part of a list oft he world's best spas. This is an off line (paper) publication, but here is a link to another part of the CN traveller website that features the Gellert Spa in Budapest

Hungary in the press

CNN (2013.11.22)

Mary Novakovich ravenously describes 12 favourite Hungarian dishes, from hearty one-pot meals to dessert dreams to die for! Places to actually taste these culinary wonders are also included, for those lucky enough to visit and try them in situ.

Hungary in the press

CNN Travel  (2013.11.21)

Robin Marshall deviates from the well travelled road of praising the buildings and sights and instead gives us a dozen neat little insights into the Hungharian mindset and traditions, such as the importance of water polo and equestrianism, Franz Liszt's Hungarian-ness, and he also sets us straight on Paprika and Goulash (yes, traditionally, it really is a soup)

Hungary in the press

Huffington Post (2013.11.05)                              

A neat roundup of a handful of attractions, including the archetypal Parliament, Bridges and Buda Castle, but also covering the lesser-known shoes monument to Jews killed in the Nazi era, and the National Theatre. A high quality slide-show is also featured. 

Hungary in the press

CNN Travel  (2013.10.24)                   

CNN's Mary Novakovich describes the origins of the ruin bar phenomenon, describes the range of clientele, the fare on offer and and highlights the most famous bars: Super 8, Instant, Raczkert, Corvin tető and of course the mighty Szimpla Kert. Check out our own article on ruin bars too!

Hungary in the press

Daily Mirror, UK (2013.10.15)

An image feature on the attractive natural views at the mountain tarn at Sarospatak, in the northeastern corner of Hungary.

Hungary in the press

Condé Nast Traveller ((2013.10.17) and(2013.10.05)

According to Reader's choices, The journal's editorial team created a list of the best cities to visit and Budapest came in joint 2nd place in the whole world, and in first place in the top 10 cities of Europe. Readers gave most points for Budapest's culture and atmosphere.

"In Budapest, ruin bars, a cat cafe, thermal beths and a nightlife scene that hardly guits"

The Washington Post, USA (2013.10.11)

After a bumpy start, travel writer Kate Silver quickly grows to appreciate the uniqueness of Budapest, particularly enjoying the ruin bars and the party scene, as well as the thermal bath culture.

"The new stars of European travel"

Huffington Post, USA  (2013.08.09)

As part of the launch of a new travel portal minube.com, a massed opinion poll assessed the most popular European destinations. Budapest came in 8th place, praised for its archiectural elelgance, thermal baths and buzzing nightlife.

Forbes Travel Guide


issued a list of top cities that are off-the-beaten-path, Jo Caird praised Budapest for its beauty and the distinctive nature of the city's two halves. Foods both sweet (ckaes and pastries) as well as savoury (spicy meat, sausages and langos.) Hungarian wine and winebars also won a mention, as well as a few of the city's more well-known hotels. 

"Top 10 Travel Destinations for 2013"

Lonely Planet  (2013.06.18)

LP illustrated the retro-hip trend, citing the recent rise in ruin bars and garden-based bars, and mentioned Szimpla Kert as particularly noteworthy. For Restaurants, old-school coffee shops and rustic  lunch canteens are now becoming hip once more. Normally called Étkezde or Ebédlő,  they  are out of necessity,  spread around the city but good examples are to be found near the city's market halls and rail stations.

Hungary in the press

Condé Nast Traveller  (2013.05.30)

A whirlwind tour of the country includes the fantastic wine region of Tokaj in the north and the rejuvinated Budapest, with its history on display for all to see in a wealth of monuments across both Buda and Pest.

We would like to express our thanks to all the writers, journalists and researchers who have been kind enough to turn their attention to Hungary.

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