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Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the stresses of work and the strains of the daily routine melting away. You’re walking through a lush valley with a stream running beside you and birds singing in the trees around. Sound good? Well, Hungary is blessed with beautiful, unspoilt and peaceful countryside, and is the perfect place to take advantage of nature’s soothing power.

Enplore the Hungarian nature!


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Enplore the Hungarian nature!

For the hikers, Hungary offers almost 11,000km of safe, marked routes. The majority of these are through hilly areas, although those snaking through the plains and other flatlands still cover a distance of 2,000km. Hungary's tourist routes are unique in having signs that not only inform hikers of the route to take but provide information about observation points, caves and the many other natural formations and interesting man-made creations that fall along the way. Furthermore, the paths have been connected by the European Tourers' Association to the network of long-distance European routes (part of the E3, E4 and E7 transcontinental tourist routes)

Enplore the Hungarian nature!

Amber Trail Greenways is a green corridor running from Budapest in Hungary through Banska Stiavnica in Slovakia, Krakow in Poland to the Baltic Sea. Its main aim is to link natural and cultural heritage conservation to community-based grassroots action and revitalization of local economies. This heritage trail, consisted of the international cycle trail and local thematic loops, links famous historical towns and UNESCO heritage sites with spectacular rural landscapes rich in natural values, cultural tradition, colourful trade fairs, local handicrafts and delicious local cuisine. Program is developed by three independent foundations operating in Poland (Fundacja Partnerstwo dla Srodowiska), Slovakia (Nadacia Ekopolis) and Hungary.

The Amber Trail Greenways resonates with the numerous roles played by trade routes in earlier times - economic, communication, religious, military, diplomacy, cultural exchange and social interaction. Trade relations were always accompanied by exchange of information for building local understanding about the wider world in terms of social, intellectual, religious, cultural and economic issues.
Amber Trail Greenways belongs to the “Central and Eastern European Greenways” program (CEG) of the Environmental Partnership for Sustainable Development Association (EPSD) intended to create an open network of cooperation between civic, communal, business, and governmental organizations that can provide complex and diverse support for efforts of local people to build and revitalize publicly beneficial trails and natural corridors called „greenways” in countries and regions of Europe.
Enplore the Hungarian nature!

This easy route winds its way along the Danube between the two European cities Vienna and Budapest. The route goes through Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia as well. In Hungary the tour includes the historical towns of Győr and Esztergom. The gem of this route is the town of Szentendre with its churches, galleries and arts. Fully supported self-guided or guided bike tours with 3-4 star hotel/pension accommodation. The bicycle tour is rated as Easy – for beginner cyclists.

Enplore the Hungarian nature!

Hungary has 10 national parks, 36 landscape-protected areas and 142 nature-conservation areas. Its many and varied habitats include virtually intact lowland plains, bogs and marshes, wetlands, pasture land, forests and grasslands. These landscapes are home to a good range of indigenous flora and fauna, and modern facilities such as visitor centres, exhibition sites and nature trails allow you to really get to grips with the treasures of nature.

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