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On the 14th of February –Valentine’s day – many couples and lovers celebrate their commitments and love for their partner around the world. Most  shops and gift  stores seem to have turned into red and flooded with heart shaped presents for the occassion. If you are still stuck with ideas or maybe want to give a more unique experience to your loved one other than a meal and a cuddly toy, check out our guide. The following places are not just exciting and good for a getaway, but they all have a memento that represents love, commitment or hope – nice gifts for Valentine’s Day as well as all year around.

Valentine's Day

Pecs – Padlock wall


In 2010 Pécs was selected to be the European Capital of Culture. You will be spoilt with choices to absorb culture from several museums, exhibition and concert halls. Or just to wander around the beautifully renewed streets, squares and neighbourhoods and admire this charming town. Here in the town centre you will find the lovers padlock wall. The wall consist several hundred (or thousand?) of padlocks, left there by couples as a symbol of their commitment. You can purchase padlocks around the shops or even get your names engraved into them before hanging them on the wall as a lasting memory.

Sopron – Firewatch Tower


Sopron is a city near the Austrian border. The old town part is favoured by tourist and visitors of Sopron, as its architecture reflects the city’s long history – you will find fascinating Roman, Medieval, Baroque and Renaissance structures. Whilst walking around visit the Firewatch Tower – a building left from the 1920’s era and was redone after Hungary decided not to merge the country with Austria. The tower represents the loyalty and pride the people felt for preserving their independence and loving their country enough to stand by it. 

Budapest – The Kiss Hall


Budapest’s Margit Island might sound familiar for many of the readers. It counts as one of the most pleasant areas of the capital town. With its forest-like parks, alleys, open air lidos, castle ruins, botanical gardens it is easy to see why. Here you can also find the water tower. The tower serves panoramic function with its pretty balconies, but also contains the Kiss Hall – the ultimate date hotspot. The inside of the tower is a hall-like room, built in the 1910’s. At this time displaying your affection to your loved ones publicly was not widely accepted or as common as it is nowadays. Hence the tower gave perfect opportunity to arrange dates and secret rendezvous or exchange a kiss - out of the public sight.  


Badacsony – Rozsako


Badacsony is the name of a region on the north shore of Lake Balaton in western Hungary, and a town in that region. The nearby Basalt Mountains are unique geological relics, and the habitat of many rare plants and animals. Furthermore, the area is recognised for its wine production. Whilst you are there and enjoy the fine wines, visit the Rozsako – Rose Stone. It was named after a Hungarian poet’s (Kisfaludy Sandor) muse – Szegedy „Rose” Rozsa, as she enjoyed sitting there daydreaming alone or together with the poet. Legend has it, if a man and a woman sit together on the stone, backwards, they will get married in the same year. ....

Fonyod – Kripta Villa, the house of everlasting love


Fonyód is a town and holiday resort on the south shore of Lake Balaton, where you can find the Kripta –Crypt – Villa. The house preserves a tragic love story and an enchanting legend. Around the early 1910’s a young couple - Ödön & Magdus- falls madly in love and decides to get married. But, unfortunately there is no happy ending, as the bride suddenly passes away, just 3 weeks before the wedding.  The distraught and grieving groom finds it hard to let the love of his life go and decides to collect all her belongings, the things she liked and cherished. As life went on the groom became to a wealthy doctor. But even thought he got on with his life and made his fortune, he could never forget his first love. He decided to build a house where he kept his passed away bride’s things and belongings alongside with the urn containing her ashes. The legend says that if a man and a woman hold hand above the marital bed, their love will last forever. 

Miskolc – Love tree


Miskolc is a city in North Eastern Hungary and is the fourth largest city of the country. The love tree and its legend is a reasonably fresh story. The tree is located in the centre of the town and was planted by a young couple. Despite that they loved each other, they felt that they were too young to have family and children – but they wanted to leave something behind that grows, just like a child would. They planted a young chestnut tree, which has been growing ever since, giving shade to those who retire underneath of it. According to the legend, if a man and a woman hold their arms around it together, their love will never end.


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