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Eight must-see Budapest buildings

Just about every capital city in Eastern Europe seems to have been called "the Paris of the East" at some point. Unlike most other... News

"Intelligent knife"-the new hungarian invention

Scientists have developed an "intelligent knife" that can tell surgeons immediately whether the tissue they are cutting is cancerous or... News

Villanyi vineyards – where wine is a tradition, lifestyle and a passion

Hungarian vineries and wine production are well-known and recognised around the world - although admittedly the industry has lost its shine somewhat... News

A real hungaricum - A Brief History of Rigojancsi dessert

"Taste it: Dark like my skin and sweet as thy heart," said Rigo Jancsi handing a cake named after him to his love. Rigojancsi is one of... News

Lovers guide to Hungary

On the 14th of February –Valentine’s day – many couples and lovers celebrate their commitments and love for their partner around the... News

Bacska Hurka and Sausage Festival

For most Hungarians it is an essential duty to love sausage and hurka (Hungarian rice sausage) . If you like traditional Hungarian dishes, or share... News

Busó Carnival

The Busó Carnival starts on Thursday with the Kisfarsang (Little Carnival), its main day is Sunday and the closing programme takes place on Shrove...

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