Stars and celebs in Budapest


Budapest is not only a great place for a weekend break, romantic getaway or family holiday, it is also a sought-after destination for tour promoters big and small, not to mention a great location for filming. It should be no great surprise to know that some well-known names have been here, done that. Have YOU..? Latest: Robbie Williams swings though town...

Stars and celebs in Budapest

Let see which celeds was in Budapest lately.. read away the article! 

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Budapest, 25th April 2014

Robbie was here playing the first concert in his 2014 world tour  to promote his new album "Swings both ways" the long-awaited to the 2001 "Swing when you're winning". The tour covers 22 shows in 20 cities, but Budapest got the premier, yay, and it was apparently a great show, with dancers, costumes changes and jokes galore!

Stars and celebs in Budapest

Budapest, 3rd March 2014

Best known for her role as Garbriella Solis in HBO's 8-series, award winning comedy drama "Desperate Housewives", Eva was here in Budapest as part of an advertising campaign - she will be the face for a particular pharmaceutical product produced here we believe. Anyway it seems that she had a great time!

Stars and celebs in Budapest

Budapest May 2012

Bruce was here for filming of another in the series of Die Hard movies,(A good day to Die Hard ) but he and his second wife Emma Heming. wife took this opportunity to introduce to the world press, their new baby, Mabel Ray. Bruce (57 at the time) also has three grown-up daughters from his earlier marriage to Demi Moore. The pic was posted on twitter an entitled: 'A beautiful day in Budapest with the loves of my life. Daddy and Mabel cracking each other up'.

Stars and celebs in Budapest

Budapest, October 2011

Brad filmed parts of "World War Z" here.After a problem at a filming location in Russia, lots of  the great final street battle with the zombies was switched to Hungary. Interestingly enough, a minor scandal ensued as the film company flew in trunkloads of weapons in a plrivate plane, to use in the mock-battle. To add to the dodginess, the weapons were apparently completely live and not deactivated, so  they were then seized in a movie-worthy raid by the Hungarian anti-terror forces. After all that, the film changed its artisitc direction during editing and as much as 12 minutes of moslty Budapest battle scenes were cut out, so we never got to enjoy that part!


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