The health benefits of red wine

Pintér Dalma

A glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away.... goes the old saying. Grape and grape seeds have been known in the healthcare industry for their reservatrol content, which is an antioxidant offering wide range of health benefits – including anti -aging, anti-inflammatory effects. The healthcare impacts of reseveratrol are currently a topic of numerous animal and human studies. But one thing is definite – concentrated reservatrol is available for all, in the form of red wine. If enjoyed responsibly, a glass of red wine a day, with its high content of reservatrol may boost our body’s system and potentially deliver the following great benefits.


Clinical researches of red wine

Currently reservatrol is being studied by British researchers in order to research and develop effective anti-aging products and medicines. Researchers from India are working on developing potential medicines and cures for diabetes from this component.




British researchers concluded a study, where they kept the tested animals on a low calorie diet whilst testing reservatrol on them. The research brought interesting results. Those animals that were kept on the diet and received the treatment, improved their life expectations by over 50%.


Researchers found, that aging is due to the SIR-1 gene that we all carry in our systems. This gene was affected positively by the regular reservatrol intake, hence slowed the effects of the gene. The antioxidant’s power lies in stimulating the work of mitochondrion,  which is the key booster in forming new cells.







There is more in red wine that you may think


If enjoyed responsibly, research has indicated that moderate intake of red wine improves cardiovascular health. It is currently under debate, whether this positive effect is due to the red wine and its ingredients or alcohol. What they have found, is that the antioxidant found in red wine may be good for our systems. Italian researchers discovered the antiseptic and disinfectant benefits of red wine.



Although there might be positive effects of red wine on our health, it is important to enjoy wine consumption responsibly. Too much alcohol consumption has been linked to cancer – particularly to colon cancer – and other health issues, such as liver or kidney failure. 




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The above article elaborates on the potential advantages of red wine consumption. Whereas this is interesting, we just love red wines for what they are – for their beautiful flavours, colours and the lovely atmosphere they create. Villany is a fascinating wine region, offering the products of se bring to us. Villany is a well-known wine region in Hungary. Surrounded by the beauty of the region, we can’t think of a better way to enjoy this fantastic drink. 




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