The Mini-Hungary

Pintér Dalma



Szarvas gives place to the latest modelling exhibition called Mini – Hungary. The town is the centre of the Carpathian Pool as well as the centre historical Hungary’s original centre. The exhibition intends to represent Hungary’s history, traditions, architectural monuments surrounded by beautiful settings of the Szarvas Botanical Garden.




Mini-Hungary exhibition


About the Mini-Hungary 

The exhibition is a true tourist delicacy, which offers a unique experience for all ages. Family and friends day trips, school trips, casual history lessons , workplace and team building tours , the location and the exhibition offers opportunities for a wide range of events and activities.


In the first part we can admire the dozens of model historical sites and buildings including the Szeged Cathedral, Szechenyi Chain Bridge, the Kecskemét Cifrapalota or the model of the Eger Castle in its original state -, and the associated major historical event, the 1552 siege, in which the defenders of the castle fought the Turkish army in a heroic battle - all in miniature.


The exhibion in pictures


                          Szechenyi Chain bridge                                                     Eger Castle



          Esztergom Basilica                 Debrecen Great Calvinist Church              Szeged church


                       Hero's Square                                                Gödöllő Castle Grassalkovich


Mini-Hungary in numbers

The production of the exceptionally detailed models and the organizing of the exhibition took almost 9 months. Over 12 professionals – many of them well known artists and architect – , and 50 employees have worked to make it come alive. Due to the special manufacturing procedures, the mini models of Hungary will stand against of the worst weather conditions – this was tested and proved in March.

The Mini Hungary exhibition is easily accessible, durable and environment conscious – the exhibition blends in with its original environment and the final results make it look like as if it was part of the Botanical Garden. 

Szarvas Botanical Garden

The Szarvas Botanical Garden is the largest of all botanical institutions in Hungary. It is over 82 acres and possesess the largest collection of unique and rare botanical specimens from all around the world. It was established at the end of the 18th Century, after the river Kőrös lines and ways were regulated. On the top of the over 1600 plants and botanical variety, it gives home to several animals, including the unique albino peacocks.  


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