The Palinka consumption has its rules


Did you happen to know that the consumption of Palinka has its rules and attributes in the same way as any other spirit? You must have seen many different festivals on television as to how to taste wine. Rotate the glass, look at the color and smell . Well, the next lines will show you how to taste Palinka .

In Hungary there is rules of Palnika Consumption

Hot or cold ?

The Palinka is being tasted usually from " tulip glasses" . This is a goblet with a hollow in the lower part and a bit narrow in the middle, and the upper part is enlarged .It Is formed on the glass so that the fruit aromas to concentrate , so they would be discernible . The total size of the glass is 9 oz glass , but usually filled up with only two cl. Young people very often take from the freezer  the " excess " glass and load in the palinka. Well, that's a huge mistake , because at this temperature all properties of any palinka will be lost . This nectar is to be served at 16 to 18 degrees Celsius ,to reach to such a characteristic odor and marmalades world .

World of fragrances

The first step in examining the smell of palinka to be tasted . The smell of a good palinka is typical of fruit , floral and spicy . If it has a smell of acetone or paint thinner, then it is a very poor quality palinka . Faceless , a kind of destructive palinka , whose sole value is due its  high alcohol content. Consuming too unpalatable even in moderation , in addition it is unhealthy too. Its scent can be recognized by another method. If you put some onto your wrist with your finger and after volatilization of alcohol , you should feel the smell of pure fruit . This is called a skin test . After that comes the tasting itself .


Instead of a sip ...

A lot of people are pulling off with a flick to quickly feel the stomach -warming feeling. Of course, this is false , as in this case you can not feel the uniqueness of palinka . This hungaricum must be sipped slowly to taste its real flavour .it must be tasted at a proper temperature in a proper glass to culminate its beauty and taste . The palinka is made very pleasant by its long-lasting fruit flavors . If there are multiple palinka tasting it is worth to care about some food to neutralize the various flavors . After eating occurs the really long aftertaste almost immediately that is called tasting "
In Hungary there is rules of Palnika ConsumptionIn Hungary there is rules of Palnika ConsumptionIn Hungary there is rules of Palnika ConsumptionIn Hungary there is rules of Palnika Consumption

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