Water polo championships in Budapest


The 2014 European Water polo Championships will be held Budapest between the 14th and 27th of July, with the participation of 8 countries. Any sporting event of this magnitude is great for the country, but the added fact that it is precisely water polo, one of the sports that Hungary perennially does very well in, make it a special source of pride!

Water polo championships in Budapest

The Hajós Alfréd Swimming Stadium's terrace and bleachers will be renovated by Mayand the government is supporting the event with an additional aid of EUR 280 million.

The list of women's participants has already been finalized: Hungary, Spain, Italy, Greece, Russia, Netherlands, France and Great Britain have qualified. As for the men, Hungary, Romania, Montenegro, Russia, Croatia, Germany, Serbia, Spain, France and Georgia have all qualified.


The tickets for the semi-finals and the finals have already been sold out, and there is huge interest for the other games as well. Information on tickets is available on the Facebook page and website of the Water polo Federation.

Forrás: gotohungary.com


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