What a performance at Opera House

There is a letter from Patricia Lan to the Editor. Read it! 

There is a letter from Patricia Lan to the Editor. Read it!

Dear Editor,

On New Year’s Day I went to see Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra in the Opera House, and looked for assistance for my seat locations with an usher.  We were told to go to the left side of the house.  There was great confusion about the location of our seats. We were directed from the left side to the right side.  The usher who was assisting us on the right side was very confused about our seat location and we took two available seats on the orchestra floor.
After the first song, another usher came and pulled us out of these seats and told us we needed to be seated somewhere else.  It appeared that our original seats were occupied by a camera crew, causing a panic about where we should be seated.  We were finally seated in one of the boxes.
We appreciated the assistance of the Opera House staff in getting us seats for the performance but the staff should have been better prepared by the management to deal with the seating problems caused by the presence of the television cameras for this performance.
This was my first bad experience with seating at the Opera House and I would appreciate if the management could improve their service for future events that include camera crews.
Patricia Lan
Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra in the Opera House

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