Fun for the young


Are you young and after some fun? Look no further, for Lake Balaton is where Hungary’s youth comes out to play – a magnet for sun-worshippers, night owls and watersports nuts. The main action takes place at Siófok on the southern shore, a lively resort that stretches for a full 15km along the waterfront. Its beaches not only provide space to chill out beneath a blue sky, but also offer a range of activities to get the adrenaline pumping. You can try wakeboarding, sailing, windsurfing, volleyball, bungee-jumping…the list goes on and on!

Fun for the young

Nor is there any drop in excitement when evening falls. As the sun goes down, the party crowd emerge and gather in the colourful bars and restaurants to enjoy a beer and a chat. And if you still have energy to burn, head for one of the many nightclubs that host themed parties, live music and big-name DJs. With accommodation galore – from well-maintained campsites to five-star hotels – you’ll find no other place so committed to ensuring its visitors have the time of their lives!



Don't miss Balaton's newest feature, Balaton Sound at Hungary's fanciest beach, Zamárdi, along the shore of Lake Balaton. Several venues await festival-goers twenty-hours a day with a wide choice of programmes.

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