Huge Hungarian success on Europe 's toughest running race


The day before the race the Hungarian female dentist broke herself thoroughly, started the race damaged, run it and won Europe's longest and probably most brutal race. We can be proud of her! Sylvia Lubics finished the weekend race in just 40 hours as a single woman on the race organized by Milan-San Remo. Sylvia Lubics, mother of three children, finished the race with a smile.

Huge Hungarian success on Europe 's toughest running race





She could smile after running 282.7 miles , when she completed the target for the Milan-San Remo race running . The Hungarian ultramarathonist has not started her first race, but in this instance she was the only woman , in addition she finished as eighth in overall . It was the hardest race of her life. Why?

One of the Hungarian television channel said that she fell on her last training when she hurt her hips and legs. The day before the race she could barely walk , but she did not want to let go a half years preparation, so she ran with injured knee and managed to win a huge contest!


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