Mini boats and trains coming to Mini Hungary


The story of legendary Hungarian railway locomotives, station buildings and the finest sailing on Lake Balaton scaled-down version of the iconic ship arrived in April 2014th 11th among the Szarvas, Hungary Mini Hungary mock-up park between new mock-ups. 

The models of Mini-Hungary expand

Tourism in Szarvas was a story of success last year: the country's largest arboretum (Arboretum of Szarvas) and the Mini Magyarország model park had more visitors than expected previously. The number of overnight stays grew 23%, three times above the national average. The country's sole interactive model park is set to extend with some 50 new multimedia models, mini boats and trains in the spring this year. The railway-fans will surely fall in love with the emblematic old-style coaches rattling around on the mini rails. The legendary boat, by which Nándor Fa travelled around the Earth, the mini St Jupat is going to sail the waves of the mini lake of the park in Szarvas Arboretum. Permanent development is the part of the process: when closing this year's development program, Mini Magyarország in Szarvas will feature as many as hundred models in total. 


Forrás: www.minimagyarorszag.hu


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