Experiment the vibrant nightlife of Budapest

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After a whole day of sightseeing, do you still have energy for bar hopping, dancing and clubbing until dawn?! Of course you do!
Budapest will dazzle you with its wide variety of nightclubs and bars. If you want to have a mind-blowing night out you'd better pick up some knowledge. 
Budapest Nightlife



Budapest bars

Budapest bars are characterised by great traditions, but also by an ability to always reinvent themselves. This, around the turn of the millennium, has brought on another golden age of Budapest bars. Many bars now “recycle” themes evoking the spirit of the beginning of the previous century, but others prefer a more cosmopolitan, glamorous style. It must be said that Budapest bars are in no way inferior to their foreign competitors, in terms of neither quality, nor atmosphere. The great Budapest public is known to differentiate between venues with different functions. Of course there are specific “pre-party” bars, where the youth can be found before they head out for their night of clubbing, and then there are other venues with live music, open until dawn, that pull a somewhat older crowd. These bars provide something for the entire night, sometimes you can even have dinner. If you visit Budapest, it is advisable to visit several different bars, with the ones visited not only by tourists but by the locals as well coming especially recommended.

The best 5 bars of Budapest


The newest pre-party spot in Budapest, next to the Basilica. Complete with a DJ, who satisfies every demand, with an American style bar, a hot dish kitchen and a huge number of pretty girls. Showing up is mandatory before you go out to party.


Negro Bar

It's elegant and at the same time trendy, it's vibrant and at the same time historical...... That's because Negro Restaurant and Bar offers a unique venue right next to one of the most beautiful and important churches and tourists sites of Hungary, St. Stephen's Basilica. From spring to autumn you can take a seat on the terrace to admire the panorama offered by the church and the surrounding St. Stephen's Square. During the winter, you can warm up inside and still feast your eyes on the lushly illuminated architectural wonders. Negro offers a choice of the best mediterranean and international dishes, but of course traditional Hungarian meals are offered as well. Whether you're in for breakfast, a business lunch or dinner, you will have much to choose from whenever you come. Our wide range of cocktails is well known, we can satisfy you whatever your taste may be. You will be served by our polite and trendy staff to make the time spent at us even more perfect. With its elite looks and an intricately arranged interior it is the ideal venue where corporate events, press conferences and even family celebrations can be held.



A bar is the venue of social life. People come here to meet each other, to make exchanges and not least to get to know each other, with alcoholic drinks to help the mingling. Here you can relax after a hard day or week with a drink, while socialising with the right selection of people can be useful for the coming days and weeks.

Morrison's Music Pub Opera

We opened our club in 1993, right in the heart of Budapest, next to the Opera House, under Révay utca 25. It's easy to reach by underground from Deák Square or from Oktogon, but you can also simply walk. Our unique interior design, good music and friendly staff quickly made us popular with both Hungarians and foreign visitors. We have two dancefloors, two enormous bars, private rooms and a wardrobe. Our dancefloors are air conditioned and equipped with high tech sound and light systems. Our DJs mainly play funky tunes, but all the big club classics and recent chart hits get a spin every now and then as well. Our private rooms provide groups of friends with a chance to hold their own private parties for birthdays or other occasions, free of charge. Our bars offer everything from single malt whiskeys and classic drinks to unique tastes and specialities.

Boutique Bar

Cute little bar for classy types, who like their clothes sharp and their with sharper.


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