Traditional features of Hungarian cuisine

Hungarian Cuisine evolved throughout the centuries whilst establishing its unique and distinct flavours and statement dishes. Similarly to other nation’s cuisine, the Hungarian Gastronomy is determined by the ingredients,  signature spices, cooking methods that are used to prepare our dishes.

Hungarian Cuisine evolved throughout the centuries whilst establishing its unique and distinct flavours and statement dishes. Similarly to other nation’s cuisine, the Hungarian Gastronomy is determined by the ingredients,  signature spices, cooking method

Hungarian dishes often consist – but are certainly not limited to – the following ingredients:

-Sour Cream
-Pork meat, pork fat
-Sausages, Salamies, Chorizos, ham and bacons

Hungarian dishes



Well known and popular around the world, our beef goulash is a hearty and fulfilling dish. The key ingredients are beef and rich vegetable mix. Goulash originates from sheep keepers, but it made it has become a favoured part of the Sunday lunches for many.  



Although it is classified as a soup dish, the „Halaszle”can be a main course, due to the rich blend of different fish and vegetables and its consistency. It is one of the key signature dishes of the Hungarian gastronomy.  

Jokai Bean Soup Jokai Bean Soup 

Named after the Hungarian writer Jokai Mor –who was a huge fan of the dish – this soup consists dried white butterbeans, hoof, chorizo sausage and the unique „csipetke” which is a type of pasta used widely in Hungarian soups. Upon presenting the soup can be garnished with sour cream and finely chopped parsley. 

Ujhazy Chicken soupUjhazy Chicken soup

Well know Hungarian dish, which was named after the actor, Ede Ujhazy. Essentially, the soup is made from  „the finest parts of a mature chicken, prepared and steamed with vegetables, thin noodles are added to bring out the rich flavors of the dish”. It is a favored first course on weddings, but it is also believed that it cures people who are down with the flu or cold, due to its nourishing ingredients.


The method behind producing scratchings is widely known – the scratching are the warm, salty bits that are left after thawing the bacon of the pork or the fatty bits of the goose and other poultries. 
The fresh scratchings are excellent beer/wine chasers, or if plated with red onions and bread it can be consumed as a fulfilling dish.
Those who enjoy experimenting with unusual flavours can try the unusual combination of dark chocolate covered Mangalica pork scratchings. 

Hortobagyi pancakesHortobagyi pancakes

Full of flavours, this dish’s recipe was created for the Brussels’  World Exhibition in 1958. The pancake is filled with minced veil meat and beef stew broth is poured over and served with a touch of sour cream.  

Traditional pig killingTraditional pig killing

The pig-killing usually takes place in winter and it is one of the most popular traditions in peasant households.  After the domestic pig’s traditional slaughtering, meat processing comes a rich and well deserved dinner filled with sausages, ham, bacon and a speciality that is called „pig-cheese”. 

Hungarian flat-breadHungarian flat-bread

This bread type is a typical Hungarian speciality and it can be placed somewhere between a doughnut or a pancake if we are looking at its texture.
The bread mix is baked in boiling oil and served warm with garlic infused oil, sour cream and cheese sprinkled on the top of it.

Hungarian ratatouille  Hungarian ratatouille  

This seasonal dish’s key ingredients are onion, paprika and ripe tomatoes. There are many ways to prepare it and enhance it with various spices, vegetables and meats. It can be finished with eggs, rice or potatoes or may be served with a piece of fresh bread. 

Chicken Paprikash Chicken Paprikash 

Chicken paprikash, or paprika chicken is a dish of Hungarian origin and one of the most famous Hungarian stews. Cooked bell peppers (aka paprika, as in the spice) are common in Hungarian cuisine, and dishes cooked in a creamy, red paprika stew have been referred to as a Hungarian staple.

Hungarian Paprika PotatoesHungarian Paprika Potatoes

Hungarian Paprikás Krumpli consists potatoes, onions, bacon or sausages. It maybe cooked outside on open fire, as it is not an elaborate dish, rather a comfort food that warms  your heart and soul on the coldest of winter days.

Hungarian stuffed cabbageHungarian stuffed cabbage

Traditionally served around the winter and Christmas season, this dish consist soured cabbage, smoked pork meat, sausages and bacons and is bursting with beautiful warm flavours.

Cottage cheese pasta bakeCottage cheese pasta bake

A savoury pasta dish made with cottage cheese, sour cream and crispy bacon. The ingredients are mixed with pasta and baked in oven. 

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