What does the world thank to the Hungarians?

Pintér Dalma

Closely related to recent car accident a website from abroad introduces many Hungarian creations and discoveries. Helicopter, Excel, Word, and many more inventions, that you did not think were originally invented by Hungarians.

One of the hungarian's inventions

The unfortunate event of a car accident drew the attention to the many gadgets and essentials that were used to stabilise the condition of the accident’s victim – and that were invented by Hungarian scientists, entrepreneurs and creators.   The victim needed immediate transportation by helicopter, communication was done over the phone, the vitamin C to help the healing and strengthen the immune system of the patient are all Hungarian creations and discoveries. Much like the ball-point pen that we use to sign the get well cards for the hospitalised patient (Biro).

Check out the following article to discover more:

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She is a Hungarian dream woman:


So there was a post regarding Hungary on 9gag. 

With a comment like this:

                             "don't you people get it? hungaria is a small country. nobody cares, deal with it."

I think the world needs to be reminded about Hungary's importance. 


If you had a car accident and you need to get to hospital ASAP....






...then Oszkár Asbóth's invention the HELICOPTER will come immediately and get you to the hospital. 






If you want to call your family members to tell them that you are okay you call will go trough the







which was invented by Puskás Tivadar.




While you are in the hospital, you won't see any dead new-borns many thanks to





Ignác Semmelweiss often referred of 'The Savior of Mothers' who phased in regular sterilization for the doctor. 





Talking about curing, C-vitamine was discovered by Szent-györgyi Albert.        


After recovering from your accident, the doctors may give you a prescripton, written with a



                             ...Ballpen, invented by Bíró László József.

After leaving the hospital fully recovered, you can get home by many different ways:

-you can go with a car 

(Ford Model-T: József Galamb)


-you can take the bus



(articulated bus: Gábor Lassú, László Rózsa, Béla Színi)


But non of these would be operational without a CARBURATOUR invented by Donát Bánki and János Csonka.



Oh, and you can go with the train, too!



But the planes are much faster and comfortable! 



(high-altitude engine, Albert Fonó)

If you want to keep it enviroment friendly, you can even go with a bicycle! Just don't  forget to turn on your light at night!

(Dynamo, Ányos Jedik)


After getting home you will have to start working, but hell, there is a lot of to do. You may want to use some technology to speed your work up, like the computer...



...first created by János Neumann.

You may have to use programs, like Exel and Word, created by Károly Simonyi. 

After you finished, don't forget to turn the lights off!



(Wolfram-bulb: Sándor Just, Ferenc Hanaman, Imre Bródy)

Because it's consuming energy!

                                             (biogas reactor: Péter Kiss)

I'm stopping here, but I could have mentioned the atomic accelerator, the binoculars, the TBK biodiesel, the glass concrete, the colour television, the transformator, the Rubik's cube, the film recording device, the talkies, the 'basic' computer language, the atomic bomb, the hydrogen bomb, the soda water, the water turbine and the list just goes on, and on, and on. 


Think again before saying that Hungary is a nameless, 'who cares' country!

Forrás: www.szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu


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