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Minimum wage rise: budget makes a good deal but low-income earners lose

Under an agreement between the employers’ and employees’ organisations and the government, this year the minimum wage will be HUF 100,000... News

12 Hungarian Desserts to Die For

Hungary is renowned for its fine pastries, some of them borrowed from Austria which, in turn, borrowed from France. In any case, Hungarians have... News

What a performance at Opera House

There is a letter from Patricia Lan to the Editor. Read it! News

Tasting and sharing Mediterranean-style

Combining the best of Mediterranean-inspired dishes fused with Hungarian local ingredients, the Peppers! Mediterranean Grill, found on the ground... News

Hungarian Wines and Wine Regions

After a delicious paprikás csirke or rinse your throat with excellent Hungarian Wines! Our country has been blessed with a climate and soil perfect... News


2014 is promising to be an exciting year for Hungary. As well as the opening of an important new tourist attraction right at the heart of the capital... News

Budapest's best ‘ruin bars’

It's funny they call them ruin bars because for their founders it’s generally led to good fortune.   It started around 2001, so...