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8 Shoreside Attractions In Budapest

Upon arrival in Budapest, visitors soon realize that the banks of the Danube are where the city’s rich history and architecture come together.... News

Caravaggio to Canaletto Exhibition

The Caravaggio to Canaletto exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, is a treat for lovers of fine art. Even the British Telegraph Newspaper... News

Praise for Hungarian dentists

Lately many people from around the world chooses Hungarian dentists because of the price - Hungary offers affordable, yet excellent dental care... News


Budapest Winter Invitation is a distinctive offer from the Hungarian Tourist Board to promote Budapest as a great destination in the winter,... News

Smartegg – The success story of the Hungarian invention

In the hype of the London Olympic Games’  a different game from Hungary was left out of sight. During the 32nd Meeting of the International... News

Traditional features of Hungarian cuisine

Hungarian Cuisine evolved throughout the centuries whilst establishing its unique and distinct flavours and statement dishes. Similarly to other... News

5 things you must try when visiting Budapest

Hello Stranger, There have been many compilations, recommendations on what to do and check as a tourist in Budapest. Here is another top 5...