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Budapest Palinka Festival 2014

The Budapest Palinka Festival will be held this year from May 15 to 18, 2014 in a new site, in the City Hall Park. 2014 is the Year of the Pear! The... News

Leonardo in Pécs

In the city of Pécs this spring, an interesting exhibition awaits those interested in inventions in general or in the works of Leonardo da Vinci in... News

Balaton Sound 2014

The Balaton Sound Electronic Music is on again and once again features in the top ten European festivals of the year. Held 10th-13th July 2014, it... News

Stars and celebs in Budapest

Budapest is not only a great place for a weekend break, romantic getaway or family holiday, it is also a sought-after destination for tour promoters... News

For us it sounds the best in Hungarian

The animated film Ice Magic has recently been completed, and the theme song has been circulating on the Internet in all languages for months. We have... News

Opening of the Hungarian Jurassic Park

Do you still remember the life-like dinosaurs in the blockbuster movie Jurassic Park? The movie was probably one of your big favorites and so were the... News

Ancient therapies, amazing Hungarian practices

The ancient beliefs of the Hungarians possibly not even consciously, but efficiently used the healing techniques, for example, to banish fatigue and...

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