Tasty Easter traditions


In addition to Christmas, the biggest festival of Christianity is Easter: this day we celebrate the resurrection of Christ. On Easter Sunday the Lent ends, abstinence from the meat, hence the name of the Hungarian appellation.

Tasty Easter traditions

The sacrificial food of the feast is the Easter lamb , which symbolizes Christ . The oldest Easter foods include eggs , which is the symbol of rebirth . The ham has become a typical Easter food due to the peasant economy and cult a long time ago. The rabbit bringing eggs established a tradition in Hungary for 120 years . The prolific rabbit - in addition to the egg - is a symbol of fertility.

The Easter - like Christmas - are part of the holiday goodies , great feasting , guests walking. However, during the Easter holidays it is just as important to pay attention to the moderate, varied diet as during the Christmas holidays. Men do not need to eat every menu at every " sprinkling station ", while women do not have to eat with all the guests - because such abundant overeating may easily cause gall or stomach pains. It is useful to prevent those interested in nutrition to comply with the rules of temperance.

Tasty Easter traditions

It is the almost indispensable food in the Easter. Eaten cold , on horseradish sandwich , but it can be cooked or hot main dishes  can be prepared in a variety of rolls, as well as roasted . As the gammon is quite salty , so to add extra salt is no longer necessary in the preparation of hot food.

In Hungary, according to tradition, ham is eaten with milk-loaf and radish while in the old Hungarian kitchen it was also well-liked with apple or pear . In the southern Mediterranean countries it is eaten with onion, tomato paste , ketchup , spiced oils, and other southern fruits , dried , sprinkled with dates , while in the Nordic countries it is consumed with onion potato salad. In Poland, it is characteristic to eat the ham with a cold bean salad  while the Italians are consuming the Parma ham with cantaloupe.

Tasty Easter traditions

The egg for the Easter holiday is perhaps the most distinctive symbol. By the spread of Christianity has become a habit that when the ascension of Jesus Christ was celebrated, or Easter, the faithful donated eggs to each other as a symbol of resurrection . The eggs are inevitable elements for the Easter menu , can be used in many ways. The principle role is to garnish sandwiches, and part of breakfasts can be found on almost every festive table .

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